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Sensei Tim Hoover
Name: Tim K. Hoover

Rank: Nidan

Years of Study: 13

Hometown/City: Richmond

Current City: Richmond

tim hoover

Hobbies/Activities: Family, Karate, Music, Hiking, Nature, Science

Tokui (favorite) Kata: I would have to pick Taikyoku shodan. Everything one seeks is found within this most advanced kata. All other kata bows in reverence and submits to it's form.

Reason you began studying:
All those super-fly ninja flicks of the 1980's.

Outstanding Karate Memories/Moments: "I'll squash you like a jellybean....." and "ROACH!!!"

Future Goals(karate and otherwise): To teach...and be taught.

Current emphasis of karate study (your own biggest problem area you are
trying to overcome or the focus your study is taking): Currently I'm not very active, physically, in practicing the art. There are many other priorities right now. One day I would like to focus on merging the concept of kata with kumite and see the two as one.

Favorite Karate Saying/Slogan: "The aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the priciples of it's practitioners." -- Gichin Funakoshi

Karate Tournament Wins/Tournament Participation/Records/Honors: All I remember is a lot of punches, kicks, and sore ribs........joking aside, I really don't remember too many wins, but I do remember the good times I had with the people along the way...Thanks guys.

Favorite Karate Book: Karate-Do Kyohan -- Funakoshi
Date Awarded Shodan (1st Black Belt): Sometime in 1988.

Here's my current email address and web site if anyone wants to contact me....

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