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Kihon is the word for the basic techniques of karate-do. You can think of these techniques as the "building blocks" or foundation upon which the rest of karate training is built. Think of them as the foundation of your "house of karate." If you build a house with a weak foundation, the whole house will always be weak - no matter what you do. Also, even if you have a good foundation when you first build your house, you must ensure that you keep it in good shape constantly.

Kihon consists of stances, punches, kicks, blocks, other attacks, and drills designed to increase your basic abilities and understanding of both the techniques themselves and your own body. Below, we'll list as many of the Kihon techniques and drills as possible, as well as photos, descriptions, and even video clips as time goes on.

Yoi Dachi (Ready Stance) yoi
Zenkutsu Dachi (Front or Forward Stance) zenkutsu
Kokutsu Dachi (Back Stance) kokutsu
Kiba Dachi (Horse Stance) kiba
Nekoashi Dachi (Cat Stance) nekoashi
Hangetsu Dachi (Half-Moon Stance) hangetsu
Sochin Dachi (Immovable Stance) sochin
Renoji Dachi (Stance which looks like the Japanese katakana character "Re") renoji
Punches (and other hand techniques)
Oizuki - Straight Punch oizuki
Gyakuzuki - Reverse Punch gyakuzuki
Kizamizuki - Jab kizamizuki
Kagizuki - Hook Punch kagizuki
Gohon Nukite - Spearhand gohon nukite
Urakenuchi - Backfist urakenuchi
Empi- Elbow empi
Kicks (and other leg techniques)  
Mae Geri - Front kick  
Yoko Geri - Side Kick  
Mawashi Geri - Roundhouse Kick  
Ushiro Geri - Back Kick  
Mikazuki Geri - Smash or Crescent Kick  
Ashi Barai - Leg Sweep  
Age uke - Rising Block  
Gedan Barai - Downward Block  
Uchi uke - Inside Block  
Soto uke - Outside Block  
Shuto uke - Sword hand Block  
Morote uke - Augmented Block  
Stationary Line Drills  
Sliding Line Drills  
Target Drills  
Makiwara (Striking Post) Drills  
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