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Nekoashi Dachi (Cat Foot Stance)

This is a very light, quick stance which is not deeply rooted. It is suited to quick attacks/defenses or transitions between stances. Its name is derived from its resemblance to a cat which is poised to jump.

The heels are aligned in this stance, with the rear foot being turned to the side to a 45 degree angle, and the front foot pointing straight forward. The weight rests heavily upon the whole of the rear foot, with the front foot only lightly touching on the ball of the foot. Weight distribution is approximately 90 percent on the rear foot and 10 percent on the front foot. Both legs are deeply bent, with the rear knee pressing over the rear foot. The hips are typically held at a 45 degree angle (hanmi), and they are pressed forward and rotated upwards.

The shoulders are held at a 45 degree angle also, with the back straight and abs slightly tensed. The head is held straight and is focused in the direction of travel.

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