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Kizamizuki (Jab)

The Kizamizuki is performed from the Zenkutsu Dachi, beginning with the hands in Chudan Kamae (the front hand held at shoulder level in front of the center of the body, and the rear hand held next to the elbow of the front arm).

To perform the technique, the rear foot should slide forward as when performing the Oizuki, and the hands should remain in Chudan Kamae until just shortly before the foot slides to a stop in front. At that point, the rear hand should extend and rotate over to perform a punch to head level, while the front hand should rotate to a position with the knuckles facing upwards while being pulled back to the side. The hips should travel from Hanmi (45 degrees or half facing position) on one side, to finish in Hanmi on the opposite side.

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