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Jessica York
Name: Jessica York

Rank: Shodan

Years of Study: 7

Hometown/City: Richmond, Kentucky

Current City: Richmond, Kentucky

jessica york

Hobbies/Activities: Riding Horses and Playing the Piano

Tokui (favorite) Kata: Kanku-Dai

Reason you began studying: To learn self-defense.

Outstanding Karate Memories/Moments: Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) Level Testing, KY USA-NKF Karate Qualifier Tournament in Richmond, KY, and Shotokan Karate Club Picnic August 2003.

Future Goals (karate and otherwise): To continue to learn and improve my knowledge and understanding of Shotokanªfs Kata, Kihom, and Kumite.

Current emphasis of karate study (your own biggest problem area you are
trying to overcome or the focus your study is taking): Finding time and utilizing it to practice my karate techniques.

Favorite Karate Saying/Slogan: ªgThe Aim Karate Lies Not In Victory Or Defeat But In The Principles Of Its Practitionersªh ª|Shotokan-Do.

Karate Tournament Wins/Tournament Participation/Records/Honors: KY. USA-NKF Karate Qualifier 2002 Richmond, KY. [1st place in Weapons Kata Division (Brown Belt) and 2nd place in Kata Division (Brown Belt)]

Favorite Karate Book: N/A

Date Awarded Shodan (1st Black Belt): April 17, 2002

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