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Chris Turpin
Name: Chris Turpin

Rank: Shodan

Years of Study: 13

Hometown/City: Richmond, Kentucky

Current City: Richmond, Kentucky

chris turpin

Hobbies/Activities: Karate, rock climbing, hunting, camping, work (yeah right)

Tokui (favorite) Kata: Kanku Dai
Reason you began studying: I was an avid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan

Outstanding Karate Memories/Moments: The first time I walked into the dojo I was scared to death.  I am pretty sure that I told my mom that if she loved me she wouldn't make me do this.  (She did, and I am glad)

Future Goals(karate and otherwise): Graduate college (twice), Practice five times a week

Current emphasis of karate study (your own biggest problem area you are
trying to overcome or the focus your study is taking): I am trying to bridge the gap between kata and kumite

Favorite Karate Saying/Slogan: Do practice, do practice, do practice

Karate Tournament Wins/Tournament Participation/Records/Honors:  I have been to a few tournaments, but that was a long time ago and all of my trophies and medals are boxed up somewhere.

Favorite Karate Book: Living the Martial Way by Forrest E. Morgan
Date Awarded Shodan (1st Black Belt): December, 1995

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