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Sochin Dachi (Immovable Stance)

The Sochin Dachi is a very strong, deeply rooted stance, capable of delivering great amounts of power, yet remaining mobile. It is found in many of the most advanced Shotokan kata.

The Sochin Dachi is similar in length and width to the Zenkutsu Dachi, a long step in length, and shoulder width. The front foot is turned inward to approximately a 30 to 40 degree angle. The rear foot is turned outward to approximately a 45 degree angle. The front knee is pressed over the front foot, and the rear knee is pressed outward toward the rear foot. The position of the legs is very similar in feel to the Kiba Dachi (very much opened and pressed outward). The weight is distributed at approximately 60 percent to the front and 40 percent to the rear.

The hips are held at a 45 degree angle, pressed forward and rotated upwards. The back and head are held vertically straight with the head focusing in the direction of travel. The shoulders are aligned with the hips and the abs are slightly tensed.

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